Your Purpose

There were the wise ones.

Everyone has a purpose. Everything has a place otherwise there would be no room for you or me; but we are afraid. We are afraid to go out there and find it. Finding where we truly belong. It takes a lifetime. It is what we call life. For in life, there’s a constant search. Just because its constant, doesn’t mean its empty, doesn’t mean its meaningless. Sometimes we get lost, but it’s up to us to find ourselves. The joy of birth and rebirth. All the same, meaning or no meaning, don’t you want to find out? Doesn’t it bother you? You have this time and this time only, you’ll never be 10 again, its long gone and you won’t be 25 again or 60. Birth and rebirth.


The way you breath everyday, live. Find out parts of you that you never knew. Put a middle finger up to those who selfishly want to keep you tethered to the ground. They are too afraid. People who are never bothered by introspection, people who live their lives solely for how they are perceived rather than for who they are. People who want to control you. People who don’t like change. Be weary of such people because they’ll find a way to keep you chained to them. They know (deep down) they are throwing it all away and they want the comfort of someone by their side to make them feel whole and better about themselves. They are happy when you’re miserable.


I’m sorry. I wish I could help you but I can’t. Some choices in life you just have to make them on your own because only you know what you truly want. You know what would truly make you happy. What you’re passionate about, what sacrifices you feel you need to make in your quest. For me, I’m just hoping you get to do it because the world only becomes better when you know your place in it. Remember to carry love with you at all times. This sounds strange I know, but love will guide you and you’ll give love. Everything bows in the face of love.  As scared as you may be, as alone as you may feel, be brave and go out there. It’s your life, it’s your time. It always has been from the moment you were born. Spread your wings, flex your power and you’ll become a beacon for another soul. The world isn’t (only) changed by grand gestures but a soul at a time that make up a whole. Every mountain began as a rock, every fire is birthed from a spark so don’t be afraid to stand your ground, don’t be afraid to fan your flame.

Be light.

They say be careful what you wish for because you just might get it all. I say, since you are going to get it all, search your heart to find what’s true because you are going to shine. Let that bright light be worthy of being among the stars. So I hope you find your way. I hope you’ll hold on long enough and I hope the world will be a better place because we chose to be better. Now go out there and live.

It’s the only way to do this thing called life.

It’s not without meaning.

New Beginnings

Hello there. Did you miss me?

Last year I took a break from writing. Sometimes one has to reevaluate what they have on the table and see which direction to take. Owning a camera has been a blessing. It has made me open up to the world in ways words couldn’t. It has truly shown me that in expression, there’s a place that not even words can go. A picture can be worth a thousand words, right? I still have my love for words though. Words have a sing-song flow they grab a hold of you and as they flow, they carry you all the way to the heart of the universe. Getting back to writing again feels so good.

There are no new beginnings so to speak, just simply the cycles of life – day and night, seasons of the year, a new moon, a new year, a chance to feel new, and think new. In a new year, we get to collectively heave out the extensive burdens that accumulates over time. We get to rest the mind for bigger and better possibilities and just like in a new day, in a new year lies endless possibilities. Although I like to believe that each moment of existence is an opportunity to begin again, but cycles are beautiful for that. So, there are no new beginnings, just opportunities to think anew. As the year progresses I wish you blessings, happiness and good health of mind, body and spirit.

Great mantras for the year:

Do or Do not. There is no try. Yoda

Change your thoughts and you change your life. The monk who sold his Ferrari

Smooth sails never made skillful sailors. Franklin D. Roosevelt

It’s a wonderful life and in everything, there’s always something to learn.


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