There’s something about a woman who knows herself, one who understands her ebbs and flows. 

It gives her power. She knows how to feed her mind just as she feeds her body and soul. You can’t really tell her who to be,she just is. It’s her beauty that glows from within and the power that pours from it. It is such a rare mixture almost a magical elixir.



I’ve always wished to write about how sexy reading is; and there she is right in front of me, so effortless in her thirst for knowledge.

I don’t know everything about the workings of the world but I do know one thing: Don’t be afraid to be who you are. There’s room  to be smart and beautiful, to be sexy and classy to be bold and playful  and to be everything in-between. There’s room in this world for you to be yourself, Malkia.


Photographer: Kageni

Model: Maryanne Burriz

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